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We offer music education and instrument learning for individuals of every age and skill level.

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Apart from our daily music courses and instruments learning, we also host a summer camp for kids of every age. Music camps are a great way of learning, entertaining, and having loads of fun. Registrations for summer camp start in June of each year. Feel free to register and start your fun and musical journey with 247 music production.

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Music is a beautiful form of art. Contact us today, and we can start learning.

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We have talented and very experienced instructors who teach piano, violin, guitar, cello, and other instruments.
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For almost a year, my kid has been taking piano and guitar lessons. He adores his instructors, and I can see they genuinely care about him. Your music program is fantastic, and I fully support it.

Louise Flores / parent

I always loved music as a kid, but I never had the chance to learn any instruments. I love the fact that my kid has that opportunity through 247 Music Production.

Diana Jones/parent

This course offers everything a kid needs to succeed in school: textbooks, daily assignments, a planner, notebooks, music sheets, and a staff that is kind and willing to assist at any moment.

Martin Wood / parent

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Tim Caroll

Tim Caroll

professional cellist
Amanda Snow

Amanda Snow

professional pianist
Terry Barton

Terry Barton

professional violinist

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